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Yes, it is already that time of year....

As we all head into the final quarter of the calendar year, this is a great time to ensure your staff are planning their vacation utilization.

While COVID has caused many people to alter or cancel plans, their vacation entitlement didn't disappear because of it. As well, as we head into peak season with winterization, tire season and so on, we also need to be sure we have a solid staff complement on hand. So starting off this final quarter in an orderly and planned way is a key element to ending the year of right. Here are a few tips and reminders to ensure that you wrap up the year with the books closed on accurate vacation utilization and balances:

1) Assess who has not used or scheduled their full vacation allotment for the year

2) Ensure they provide a utilization plan that uses up their balance before the end of the vacation year

3) Remind Managers to only approve vacation requests that are operationally feasible, and to offer alternatives if the request cannot be granted.

4) Set deadlines for everyone, as well as the potential outcome for not meeting the deadline, including the possibility that dates will be set for staff that do not provide a plan.

5) Do an audit to make sure that your vacation records align with employee perception and that the days and dollars are both accurate.

6) Review your tenure to ensure that anyone entitled to a statutory vacation increase is set up to receive the "bump".

If you find managing vacation frustrating or stressful, we can help you re-assess your processes. If you are still managing vacation manually, the final quarter is a great time to start the process of automation for the next year and reduce the complications and potential errors or omissions that can come with manual administration.

If you area a subscriber to the DealerPILOT system, do not forget to contact our Professional Advisors for any assistance that you may require to close off the vacation year or assess your vacation processes and policies.

Should you have questions or if you would like further information on how we assist our dealers in managing the vacation process please reach out to us at

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