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Do you know your eNPS?

Your eNPS is your Employee Net Promoter Score. This is a simple metric that has significant impact.

Knowing your eNPS can be a significant key to knowing employee sentiment and areas of focus for your dealership culture. This leads to improvements in productivity, retention, engagement, and multiple others.

eNPS can have a relationship with any area of your dealership that is directly impacted by your people- and that really relates to almost everything!

The heart of what eNPS is really comes down to one question- How likely are they to recommend your dealership to friends and family?

Once this is rated (1-10) you can see how many promoters, detractors, and passive employees you have.

Promoters are your people that are generally loyal, engaged and contribute to higher profitability. When they talk about the dealership, the word of mouth is positive!

Detractors on the other hand are often unhappy with either their role or the dealership, leadership, or environment overall. These people may be speaking negatively about your dealership and the word-of-mouth message might be detrimental.

Passive employees, unsurprisingly, are those that are essentially neutral. They may be generally content with things, but it is noteworthy that they would still be open to working elsewhere and do not demonstrate a high degree of loyalty.

Why measure your eNPS?

This is one of the easiest ways to measure and determine a quick pulse on engagement. As well you can use it to track over time so that you can monitor change and address changes in sentiment. This is also a great metric for benchmarking as it gives you a tangible, quantitative result. As an outcome, you can then reduce turnover, increase employee experience- and therefore customer experience. This is also an initial step towards having solid insight to develop people strategies.

How do you calculate this?

Glad you asked! This is one of the easiest HR Metrics to calculate.

Once you ask the question, your staff will respond with a rating from 1-10.

Those that score 9/10 are your promoters, those that score 7/8 are passive and those that score below 6 or less are your detractors. Subtract your detractors from your promoters and you have your net score.

Note that the passive people are not part of the scoring, this does not mean they do not count! The passive group are the key individuals that need to be "swayed" to become promoters, and if the majority of your people are passive, this reduces your score. The best way to remedy this is to get them engaged and committed.

We would love to help you increase your eNPS and show you a simplified, automated way to get the data you need to begin your metrics journey. If you would like to know more, then #letstalk.

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