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DealerPILOT is committed to accessibility.

Our Commitment

DealerPILOT is committed to taking every reasonable effort to ensure our policies, practices and procedures are consistent with the principles of equal opportunity, independence, dignity and integration for individuals with disabilities.
The following content will provide awareness regarding how DealerPILOT will ensure accessible customer service.


When communicating with coworkers, customers, or any other individual at DealerPILOT, we will use the following best practices as applicable to increase our accessibility:

  • I will always introduce myself by name

  • I will ask how I may be of assistance

  • Speak in a normal tone and volume of voice and listen carefully

  • If I need to leave, I will let the customer know where I am going and when I expect to return

  • I will always attempt to make eye contact to ensure the customer knows I am communicating with him/her

  • I will keep my hands or any object away from my mouth and face when communicating

  • I will follow the customers lead when communicating

  • If I don’t understand the customer I will respectfully ask them to repeat their statement

  • I will use close ended questions inviting a Yes or No response

  • Be understanding and reassuring at all times

  • Provide examples or analogies when providing information

  • I will verify understanding through acknowledgement statements

  • Provide information in small segments

  • I will avoid interrupting or trying to finish the customers sentences

  • If something isn’t working correctly I will ask what I can do to help

  • I will allow extra time and be patient during the process

  • I will offer to read or summarize information that is in writing

  • I will always be clear and precise when providing instruction or direction

  • I will always talk directly to the customer

  • I will avoid having side conversations

Use of Assistive Devices

If a customer requires the use of an assistive device, all staff will:

  • Be open and willing to work with the assistive device

  • Focus on the individual/customer, not their assistive device

  • Ensure the environment is free from obstacles

  • Ask the customer before touching the assistive device

  • Attempt to talk with the customer at their eye level

  • Avoid blocking or bumping the assistive device

  • Ensure the customer has sufficient space to use their device

  • Offer assistance and receive acknowledgement before providing help

If you have safety concerns if a customer is using an assistive device:

  • Consider other safe measures to ensure access for the customer

  • Work with the customer to determine applicable and safe alternatives

  • If possible, provide services in a location that is more convenient to the customer

Assisting persons accompanied by support persons

In the event that you are with a customer that has a support person with them always:

  • Ensure both parties have accessibility

  • Introduce yourself to each party

  • Talk directly to the customer even if the support person is speaking on behalf of the customer

  • Address the customer respectfully

  • Provide information to both the customer and the support person

  • Avoid side conversations with the support person

In certain situations you will be discussing confidential information with the customer. In these situations you must always confirm with the customer that the support person can be party to your confidential conversation.

Persons accompanied by service animals

On rare occasions you may be involved with customers that have service animals in their party. In the event that you are with a customer that has a support animal:

  • Never separate the service animal and the customer

  • Ensure service animal is allowed access to areas of the dealership open to the public

  • Avoid touching, petting or distracting the service animal

  • Do not intervene in the care and control of the service animal

If you are unsure if an animal accompanying the customer is a service animal you should request verification from the customer.

Notice of temporary disruption

In the event of a planned disruption in accessibility around our premises or to various services that disabled customers may rely on we may post notices as follows:

  • In conspicuous areas around the dealership

  • Near the point of disruption

  • At the main entrance of the dealership

  • On our website if practicable

  • By contacting disabled individuals ahead of time if we have a scheduled appointment with them

Posted notices will include:

  • Reason/purpose of the disruption

  • Anticipated duration of the disruption

  • Description of alternative services if applicable

In the event that employees notice an issue around the premises that may cause a service disruption the employee will notify their manager so that the appropriate actions can be taken.

Policy and Procedure Awareness

All Managers and Employees will be required to review and acknowledge our Accessibility Policies and Procedures. In the event there are any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us at

Customer Feedback

Customers will have the ability to provide feedback about our accessibility capabilities as follows:

Employees who receive input and feedback from customers will:

  • Listen and document the customers concerns

  • Confirm understanding of the issues raised by the customer

  • Offer a solution if readily available to the customer immediately

If a solution is not readily available for the customer the employee shall:

  • Notify the customer that they shall receive and accessibility update within 15 business days of their report

  • Provide the contact information of our accessibility coordinator

When feedback is received by our accessibility coordinator they shall:

  • Acknowledge receipt of the customers’ complaint within 15 days of receipt of the report

  • Notify the customer when they can expect a formal response to their concern or complaint

  • Collect and document all feedback related to accessibility concerns

  • Provide a report to the appropriate manager

  • Determine revisions or action items for the appropriate policies and procedures relating to accessibility

  • Follow up with the customer to communicate the results of their accessibility concern report

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