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Solutions created for vital roles at the dealership.

Are you in a supervisory role or have specialized responsibilities? DealerPILOT has specific solutions that were designed to solve many of your HR and health & safety problems. 

Dealer Principals & General Managers

As a senior manager, you are responsible for all of your employee's and manager's well being. You need to keep them happy and fully engaged with the dealership's HR, health & safety, and business practices. You need to accomplish this while abiding by provincial labour and health & safety legislation, and to ensure you minimize turnover.

DealerPILOT is your answer to these problems. We provide the tools to your employees and managers necessary to keep them safe, constantly aware of your evolving HR processes, and fully engaged!

Department Managers

Effectively hiring, onboarding, providing training, managing time off requests, and ensuring your employee's are being paid correctly each and every pay period can become a full-time job.  But these tasks are crucial to ensure you retain a happy and engaged employee. Let DealerPILOT do some of the heavy lifting for you. 

With DealerPILOT's online software, you can automate and improve all of these processes.  From centralizing the hiring process, ensuring employees are trained on legislative compliance awareness, and tracking all required onboarding tasks, to managing all vacation requests, entering attendance, and easily correct payroll hours, DealerPILOT has you covered. 

Payroll & HR Managers

Managing hundreds of files, papers, and time cards on a regular basis leads to mistakes and mismanaged data.  These mistakes can be costly!  From incorrectly paying an employee to losing important documents, you need to improve these processes and free up time. 

With DealerPILOT's fully comprehensive electronic HR profile and automatic timesheets, you no longer have to manage paperwork, lose files or time cards, and manually calculate net worked hours for each employee. Don't forget about importing hours and attendance directly into your payroll system. DealerPILOT can interface with many of the widely used payroll systems including Paymate, ADP, Ceridian, Payworks, and more!

Health & Safety Committee Members

You are responsible for administering the health & safety program and identifying areas of the dealership that require improved safe practices.  Are you having difficulty finding time to complete monthly workplace inspections, host committee meetings, and keep track of all facility maintenance tasks?  If yes, DealerPILOT has the tools for you!

DealerPILOT's health & safety and tasking modules will significantly reduce the amount of time and effort required to complete your ongoing duties as a committee member.  From automatically notifying other members of upcoming events, to performing a walk around inspection directly on your smartphone or tablet, DealerPILOT will make your duties easy to manage.

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