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The Fall Flu and Covid Awareness

With Ontario removing the mandated isolation period and moving to symptom/illness -based guidelines we are reminded that Fall is upon us, and with it the flue season and other health based challenges may need to be addressed.

With returning to school, increased time indoors and regular seasonal illnesses the likelihood of increased respiratory illnesses may need some attention.

Some key take-aways to remember heading into the fall include:

  • Ensure that when staff are ill, they are staying home- this is not just in relation to COVID, other respiratory ailments such as the flu, can also wreak havoc on staff levels, so limiting its spread will help keep your team at peak performance.

  • When there is fever present stay home- this is a great reminder not just to stay away from work, but to limit time in public too.

  • There may an "uptick" in appointments and family related absences. as children head back to school, become eligible for vaccines and boosters and the start of flu shots, you may see more time being booked for medical appointments. Be sure that you are permitting any entitled time off and have coverage for your teams.

  • Masks remain optional and recommended for those that have tested positive, isolated or are vulnerable. Now is a great time to remind staff to be respectful of differences and understanding of each other.

Here is a round up of isolation guidance, if someone who is vaccinated tests positive:

BC- 5 days (required) NB- While symptomatic

AB- 5 days (recommended) PEI- 7 days (required)

SK- 5 days (required) NS- While Symptomatic

MB- 5 days (recommended) NFLD- 7 days (required)

ONT- While symptomatic Yukon- 7 days (recommended)

QUE- 5 days (required)

Regardless of your jurisdiction, all areas indicate that while there is fever and other respiratory illness symptoms present that people should remain home. Reminding staff of what symptoms are, the importance of not spreading illness and what options are available before the fall hits will help ensure that your dealership is prepared and productive.

Our system helps dealerships track time and manage attendance so that you can plan for full productivity. to learn more about how we help dealerships, email us at

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