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Operational Planning and Regulatory Changes

As we returned to something that more closely resembles full operations, the requirement to have an operational plan became a new common place issue.

DealerPILOT HR has been here to help along the way. We have provided may of you with templates and tool-kits to develop your operational plan, infectious disease plan and your back to work processes and guidelines.

Now for many of you, the “rules of engagement” are changing again. As you may recall, we have previously talked about ensuring that your dealership is in compliance with your jurisdictional regulations and the latest update in may areas, is now the additional requirement to wear masks.

This means that dealerships need to remember to include (or add) training on how to properly wear a mask, provide masks for staff and ensure that all employees are aware of this additional parameter.

Please ensure that if you have not previously included mask provisions in your operational and infectious disease planning documentation that you add it in if your jurisdiction requires it. This is of particular importance to dealerships that are operating in areas of Ontario and Alberta.

In order to assist you in rolling out a fully compliant mask component to your program, here is a PDF to demonstrate the proper wearing of a mask. Use this to assist in your training program, post it for your employees and clients and ensure that you have documented that all staff are aware of proper mask usage in your facility.

How to use a mask_ (1)
Download PDF • 3.25MB

Don’t forget that masks do NOT replace physical distancing measures but are an additional tool to ensure everyone’ s safety.

If you would like further information on how we can assist dealerships in navigating this and other compliance, HR and Health and Safety challenges, please email us at

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