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Fall Round Up-putting the pieces together

Across the country we have seen some changes in the last month. Multiple jurisdictions had political activity, some saw rapid changes in COVID related issues and others had significant regional variations.

Here is a round up of things to know from coast to coast.

British Columbia- Although not official until the final count is completed, the Premier (John Horgan) is set to become the first consecutive 2-term Premiere in party history. As the leader of the NDP, he and his party are projected to take approx. 55/87 ridings. What does this mean for your dealership? It indicates that the current approach to COVID will likely continue and that BC will generally "stay the course".

The current state of emergency is in effect until November 10th and subject to a possible further extension.

Alberta- There are currently additional COVID-19 recommendations in place for the Edmonton and Calgary Zones that include masks in indoor spaces, unless there is a barrier and a limit of 15 people in gatherings limits of 3 cohorts ( plus childcare for small children). Be sure your staff are aware of the changes if they apply to you and that all staff are well trained on the use of masks in the workplace. These changes are in effect until the end of November.

Saskatchewan- The current status is Phase 4 with special guidelines on celebrations and gatherings . Although the public health order regarding the size of gatherings does not apply to businesses and workplaces, they are expected to follow the recommended public health measures, including:

  • physical distancing for staff and clients;

  • regular cleaning and disinfection;

  • frequent handwashing and sanitizing;

  • use of PPE where available and appropriate; and

  • keeping staff who demonstrate or report COVID-19 symptoms out of the workplace.

Manitoba- The majority of Manitoba is in the ORANGE level, with restrictions on travel to Northern Manitoba, non- essential travel outside of Manitoba is strongly discouraged and may require self-isolation. The Winnipeg Metropolitan Area has been placed in code RED with increased restrictions. Form all code orange restrictions please click here, for code red restrictions, please click here. Additionally, there are changes to the leave provisions. The new provincial legislation ensures that workers more susceptible to COVID-19 because of underlying health conditions, ongoing medical treatments or other illnesses could also receive a leave of absence. It was already available to workers who have to stay home when sick, or self-isolate, because of COVID-19.

Ontario- There are regional variations throughout Ontario regarding the current phase of the plan. The Ottawa, Peel, Toronto and York regions are all in modified stage 2. The remainder of the province is in stage 3. For details on the current restrictions, please click here.

Quebec- The province of Quebec has a significant number of regions that are under different levels of the plan. There are regions in Level 2, Level 3, Level 3 with add restrictions and Level 4 status. To see the level in your area, and to ensure that you are meeting the required restrictions, please click here.

Nova Scotia- The province is currently in Code Yellow, with the exception of the Campbellton region ( code orange) . The provincial state of emergency has been renewed until November 15th.

New Brunswick- The province has all zones in the yellow level, except zone 5 ( orange level). As a reminder, masks are mandatory in most indoor spaces, so ensure that your staff are adequately trained and informed on the proper use of masks.

Prince Edward Island- PEI has moved to the GREEN alert level. This is considered the "New Normal".

Newfoundland and Labrador- The province is currently at level 2, there are no new cases in the province on November 1.

The Territories- Yukon is in Phase 3 and is projected to remain there until post-vaccine. Nunavut's Public Health Emergency will be reviewed again on November 12th. There are currently no cases in Nunavut. The North West Territories is currently in Phase 2 of the Emerging Wisely Plan.

As there are rapid changed, we look forward to sharing reginal, federal and other updaters with you regularly. If you would like to know more about how we can help your dealership navigate the frequent changes related to COVID 19 and other critical HR and H&S issues, please reach out to us at

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