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...And The Survey Says...

As more dealerships embrace the culture shift that employees are seeking, the topics of feedback, engagement and employee participation are increasingly common.

We have talked about the quiet quitters, the need for retention and other related topics here often, but let's look at how we can make that an easy and practical activity.

The answer is straight forward (and repeated often) ...just ask!

How? Use employee surveys!

Using your HR Automation system to do employee surveys is a great way to engage with staff and get the information and feedback that you need. Using a survey tool can also simplify the process and give you the opportunity to do repeat surveys, like an annual engagement enquiry.

What can you use a survey for? Almost anything that you want employee input or feedback on. Some fitting examples include:

  • Engagement Surveys

  • Benefit Satisfaction

  • COVID and Infectious Disease related data

  • Skills and Interests

  • Committee Participation

  • Event Feedback

  • Exit Interviews

  • Stay Interviews

  • Cross Training

  • and more!

Embracing the opportunity to take the pulse of your employees can be a terrific way to help set your strategic direction, avoid high turnover, and ensure that the total rewards system that you provide to your people is money well spent on the things they really value.

If you have never done an employee survey, now is an ideal time to start. It doesn't need to be long or complex- just ask the questions that you need information on and set a due date for replying.

Here are some added survey tips to help you get started:

  • Keep it simple and clear.

  • Limit the number of questions.

  • Provide an opportunity for added feedback and/or ensure that there is a chance to respond that the question doesn't apply or that "none of the above" options fit their situation.

  • Share how you have/will be using the data.

  • Clarify if the information is confidential and if appropriate who has access.

  • Share the results if possible.

  • For culture-related surveys, re-issue the survey at a later date so that you can compare the data to find trends or areas where improvement has occurred.

  • If someone asks for more information or a response, be sure you follow up.

  • Always set a deadline or due date.

  • Depending on the topic and the current level of participation, provide an incentive for participating.

For more information on the value of surveys and how they can work for your dealership, please reach out to us at

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