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Alberta- Getting prepared for change

The UCP has proposed a number of changes to the Alberta Employment Standards Code, here is a summary of the key changes that will impact employers if enacted.

A few changes to holiday pay may occur, one being that the qualifying period for holiday pay will be reinstated. The other will be a change to reverse the current distinction between a regular workday and irregular workdays.

Another area of pay that may be affected is the provisions of Overtime Pay. The reinstatement of lieu time off instead of requiring employers to pay out overtime may be returning to the Alberta Code.

There is no anticipated change to the newly created leave provisions at this time.

There are also a number of changes that are proposed for the Labour Relations Code, so if you run a unionized facility, there are some additional proposals that will affect your dealership. These proposals include provisions around union certification, the use of temporary labour during a strike action and the use of union dues without opt-in approval by members to name just a few of the significant ones.

Other legislation that may impact employers that are under review include Occupational Health and Safety and Human Rights.

These proposals ave not yet been submitted to the legislature, so watch for the bill to be introduced, as these changes are likely to be passed under the new majority government,

For more information, or to know how we can support your dealership through these changes, contact

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