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Why Dealerships Should Invest in Training for Their Leaders and Managers

Investing in training for senior leaders and managers is becoming increasingly important. Training provides a significant return on investment (ROI). According to a study by HR Dive employers see a $7 ROI for every $1 spent on leadership programs.

The automotive industry has experienced difficulty when it comes to employee retention, and training may help to address this. Investment in professional development is one of the top values younger generations look for in their employment relationship. Other outcomes of investing in training include increased employee satisfaction, higher engagement, improved communication skills, increased self-awareness, and greater adaptability.

When choosing a leadership training approach, it is essential to consider the dealership's goals, the participants' learning preferences, and the desired outcomes. Leadership programming can take many forms and in any combination can offer a well-rounded leadership development program. Dealerships may consider:

· Coaching and mentoring;

· External professional development;

· Workshops and seminars;

· Online courses;

· Executive coaching;

· Leadership retreats;

· Mentorship programs;

· Conferences;

· Leadership book and reading clubs;

· Certification programs; and

· Online webinars and podcasts.

Topics may include active listening, interpersonal relationships, conflict management, having difficult conversations, and planning. Choosing which topics to focus on depends on several factors, including your organization’s goals, the needs of your employees, and your industry. Prioritize training on compliance to ensure legal obligations are met, consider the career aspirations of your employees, and ensure you are balancing current employees’ skills while considering your budget.

Leadership training is an essential investment for any organization aiming to develop strong, capable leaders who can navigate challenges, inspire their teams, and drive the organization toward success. To determine which type of leadership training is right for your organization email us at to explore training opportunities for your dealership, #letstalk.

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