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Virtual Training is where its at!

The need for training and investing in top talent has never been clearer. Virtual training has also become a standard learning method for most companies, and has provided significant benefits to adult learners.

Virtual training, when done right, can provide a rich learning experience that provides a training environment that has elements for all learning styles and can also be a cost effective and highly efficient solution for dealerships.

The need to send your staff offsite for Sales training, leadership development or basic compliance requirements is gone.

When it comes to imparting important knowledge to your employees all dealers should be considering a few high mileage questions in order to get the best ROE on their training investment. Here is a top 5 list of considerations:

1) What do our people need to know to conduct their roles safely, efficiently, and successfully?

2) What is the risk to our dealership, our employees, our customers if we fail to educate our people appropriately?

3) In what format and how often should this information, instruction and training be shared?

4) How do we measure the efficacy of our training programs?

5) Compliance with legislation should be the minimum standard – what does the legislation say about training in the workplace?

Every jurisdiction has a general clause for employers and supervisors to provide information, instruction, training and supervision to all employees on an ongoing basis.

There are certain types of training that have very specific requirements such as workplace violence and harassment prevention training. This must be provided to all employees on an ongoing basis, however, the general clause is in place for employers to actively asses their operations for hazards and risks in order to supply crucial safety and prevention knowledge.

The four criteria of workplace education (information, instruction, training & supervision) are essential elements in assuring the prevention of an employer from providing a generic one-time training session and assuming their worker is fully educated and competent to work safely and productively.

Information is the “what and why”.

Instruction is the how.

Training is the practice and application of the “what, why and how” through demonstration.

Supervision is the ongoing monitoring and coaching for performance improvement, this also includes leading by example for reinforcement of the training concepts.

If 2022 includes plans to enhance your team's knowledge in anything from Sales and Leadership to Safety Compliance, we can provide a virtual training solution for your dealership. Want to know more? contact us at

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