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Should wellness be part of your safety program?

Updated: Aug 31, 2023

When we think about workplace safety, we often think about the compliance requirements for our shop areas, but there is so much more to having a robust and beneficial safety program.

There are also many aspects of a good practices that we may already be doing but do not realize that they may be great elements to our safety program.

One example of this is wellness.

Workplace wellness takes into account our safety practices, our workplace culture, benefits plans and community citizenship (to name a few). It also considers how taking care of these elements of the workplace experience can have positive consequences for dealership operations.

Are you looking to improve any of the following factors in your dealership?

  • Public Perception/Corporate Citizenship

  • Employee Retention

  • Efficiency

  • Compliance

  • Engagement

  • Reduce costs.

Making a conscience effort to promote, discuss and improve your wellness programs may be the answer.

Companies with strong wellness practices as part of their safety program often see positive results in many of the above factors.

Improving your wellness program can be a small, incremental endeavour or a major structured initiative.

Here are a few basic areas to review:

  • Are you manager’s well trained to handle dealing with difficult situations/people?

  • Do all your staff have an awareness of how they contribute to organizational success and have a clear role/task within the dealership?

  • Does your benefits plan include an EAP program, and are all staff aware of it?

  • Are there opportunities to increase wellness related activities such as team building, personal/professional balance, exercise and diet resources, transparency and acceptance/assistance or participation and engagement in health, wellness, and safety?

  • Does your culture support and reward those that are creating a better workplace for all, or are there people in the dealership that may be undermining a wellness focussed culture?

If, like many, you see fall as a time to hit the reset button and focus on wrapping the year up with a win, then addressing wellness in the workplace may be a great initiative to consider.

If you would like to know more about how we can assist our subscribers in addressing workplace wellness in small steps, or as a full initiative, then #letstalk. Please email us at to explore this opportunity for your dealership.

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