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Remembering the Queen

As September 19th draws nearer, many Canadians are reflecting on their own experiences with the Queen. For most, she is the only head of the Monarchy that they have known- and some have met and known her.

The Federal Government has announced a Day of Mourning on September 19th; however, each province has also taken separate steps to acknowledge the date.

Regardless of if it is a statutory holiday in your jurisdiction, here are a few things to remember when it comes to staff requests for time off:

  • In many areas schools and daycares are closed, this may cause requests for time off.

  • Canadians all have different views or levels of connection to the Queen and may sincerely want to participate in memorial events scheduled for that day.

  • Some jurisdictions may have closures that mean spouses or other family are home and therefore may precipitate time off requests.

In jurisdictions where this is not a stat holiday, staff should still be granted time off where it is operationally feasible. This can be done as time off without pay, the use of banked time (where applicable) or used as a vacation day if requested.

Here is a round up of the provincial announcements regarding September 19th:

  • BC- Schools and Crown Corporations will be closed, there is no stat holiday for the private sector.

  • AB- The day will be marked as a Day of Mourning, but not a stat holiday.

  • SK- The date will not be a designated public statutory holiday

  • MB- Most government offices will be closed, schools will remain open, the date is not a designated stat holiday.

  • ON- The date will not be designated as a holiday

  • QU- The date will not be a provincially designated holiday.

  • NL- the provinces has designated this as a one-time only holiday that is optional for the private sector.

  • NS- The date has been made a provincial holiday; the private sector has the option to remain open.

  • NB- Schools and government offices will be closed, it is not a designated stat holiday

  • PEI- The date will be a one-time only holiday and should be treated like a regular stat holiday for this year.

  • Yukon- The date will be a one-time only holiday for the public sector, but not a required day off for the private sector.

  • NWT- The territory has indicated that the date will not be a holiday.

If your dealership has challenges managing time off requests or tracking vacation, we are here to help. For more information, please contact us at

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