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Ontario- New COVID parameters in effect

Earlier this week the Ontario government announced new restrictions for businesses and households.

There are a few key items that may impact your dealership.

1) Automotive Sales are restricted to the hours of 7AM - 8 PM and can only occur by appointment. Members of the public are not permitted in areas where there is no products sold or displayed for sale. There are certain conditions related to test drives.

2) Automotive repairs are also by appointment only.

3) All employees that can work from home must work from home. This means that administrative duties and those that are not physically required to perform in person tasks should be assigned to work from home. There may also be some roles in the dealership that can be accommodated to work from home to complete certain tasks and where possible, working from home should be the 1st resort.

4) General retail is by delivery or curb side pick up only. This may apply to purchases of accessories and other non-repair related items.

5) There is a general stay at home order in effect, that may impact your dealership operations. Preparation for reduced customer volume may be appropriate, including changes to schedules and work arrangements.

For detailed information on all the current restrictions, please visit

If you require assistance or clarification on any of these parameters or other COVID related concerns, please contact us at to find out how we can help.

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