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Ontario extends ESA temporary changes

As we head into the fall, and note that the September 25th end date for the temporary changes was fast approaching, many dealerships were concerned about having to make some tough decisions before we were all fully returned to regular operations.

As Ontario enters the 4th wave of COVID, the Province has extended those temporary changes, including the layoff and emergency leave provisions. The new end date for the temporary ESA rules is now January 1, 2022.

Although the time line has been extended, dealerships are still encouraged to work towards long term staffing plans and related projections with an eye to recovery. Remember that those that are on an infectious disease emergency leave need to continue to be eligible for the leave.

Additionally, those employees on layoff should be notified of the extension if it applies to them.

If you need assistance with handling these leaves or other provisions of the ESA, please reach out to learn how we assist dealerships with Employment Standards and other compliance concerns at

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