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Ontario Bill 186- COVID 19 Employee Protections

New Employment Standard Act - Bill 186

The government of Ontario introduced Bill 186 on March 19th 2020. The new bill provides unpaid leave and job protected emergency leave for COVID-19 cases. The leave applies when the government identifies an infectious disease and the employee can not work for the following reasons (can very based on circumstances):

  1. The employee is under medical investigation, supervision or treatment related to the infection disease.

  2. The employee is subject to a relevant order under the Health Protection and Promotion Act related to the infection disease.

  3. The employee is in quarantine or isolation or subject to a control measure, including self-isolation, that is undertaken because of information or directions issued by a public health official, qualified health practitioner, Telehealth Ontario, the government of Ontario or Canada, a municipal council or board of health.

  4. The employer directs the employee to stay home because of concerns the employee might expose other individuals in the workplace to the designated infectious disease.

  5. The employee is providing care to any of the specified individuals listed above, including because of closures of schools and daycares.

  6. The employee is directly affected by travel restrictions preventing the employee from returning to Ontario.

If you need further assistance in managing the process dealing with unique challenges or understanding leave guidelines, please contact us at to find out how we can help.

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