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October Healthy Workplace Month

October is Canada's healthy workplace month and heading into the colder weather months makes this a great time to reflect on how we are influencing our co-workers, staff and ourselves to engage in healthier workplace practices.

Did you know that the Conference Board of Canada estimates that unintentional injuries have an economic cost of approx. $26.8 billion per year? Add to that the additional costs of non-injury related healthcare and it is easy to see why wellness is such an important topic. In addition to the financial cost, poor health can also impact emotional well-being, performance, relationships and other non-financial costs.

On a smaller scale, think of your facility- the cost of lost time, benefits, absenteeism, low motivation, poor performance, limited functionality and other hidden consequences can make a real difference to your workplace.

Have you ever stopped to consider how you can assist your dealership team in improving their wellness?

There are a number of cost effective ways to improve the wellness of employees. Here is a top 10 list to get you started:

1) Are work stations set up to reduce strains and discomfort?

2) What is in your vending machines, are their healthy options available?

3) How does your team spend their breaks? Is there a walking club, a space for quiet reflection, a fridge for fresh bag lunches?

4) How about a double hitter- improve your work relationships and physical activity levels by having work teams. Recreational sports teams or one-off fundraisers are great activities to share with co-workers.

5) Can you make better food choices available- even if there is a fee.

6) During warmer months can you have a walking meeting? Roam the car lot and chat!

7) Do you have any affiliate programs for community exercise, gym memberships, smoking cessation,etc?

8) Do you recognize staff who have worked hard on making good lifestyle choices? There doesn't have to be a financial reward but challenging each other to have healthy habits can be a great motivator ad celebrating those successes can also be a great morale booster.

9) Host an "order in day". It's easy to place a group order for healthy sandwiches, smoothies, salads and other delivery items. Make it part of the regular schedule so that staff know when to expect it.

10) Lead by example. Take a real look at your own workplace habits and think about what example you are setting. Do you stretch, change between sitting and standing and drink enough water through the day or do you sit at your desk, drink too much caffeine and work through meals?

If you are interested in implementing a Workplace Wellness Program, want more information on how to get started with any of these ideas and others or would like to know how we can help, please contact us at

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