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Manitoba Accessibility Update

As a follow up to Manitoba's launch of updated accessibility legislation, the government has announced a number of requirements that dealerships should be prepared to implement in 2022.

The Accessibility Standards of Customer Service apply to every Manitoba organization with employees.

In addition to existing compliance requirements under the AMA, such as workplace emergency requirements for employers, the full standard (including customer service standards)- must be met by May 1, 2022.

Here is what you need to have in place in order to fulfill your compliance requirements for the customer service standard:

  • Ensure that communication with a person who is disabled is done so without barriers. Some examples include ensuring that plain language, easy to read fonts and alternative formats are available.

  • Welcome the use of assisted devices within your facility without any additional charges

  • Welcome the use of support persons as an extension of the service to the individual, this means no additional fees or barrier inducing practices.

  • Welcome the use of service animals. This includes permitting service animals within the premises and during a test drive.

  • Ensure that your physical location has removed any mobility barriers such as boxes, hallway obstructions and overly narrow passageways.

  • Ensure that if there are temporary barriers to access, that the public is notified.

  • Ensure that your dealership has a documented formal process for feedback and ensure that it is publicly available on-site, on your website and is offered in alternative formats.

  • Ensure that your employees are trained on all of the above elements, how to serve customers who may be disabled by barriers.

  • Update your HR and H&S policies to reflect these updates and changes. Additionally, a publicly accessible policy on accessible customer service is required.

We assist our clients in meeting these standards. If you would like more information on how DealerPILOT can assist you in meeting the related compliance requirements and due dates please email us at for more information.

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