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Managing Absenteeism

Absenteeism in the workplace is a common issue. There are many factors that both contribute to employee absenteeism and also lead to various repercussions.

With the varying issues surrounding why employees are absent, there is no one correct way to manage this challenge. There are however, some basic guiding principles that all managers and employers need to remember.

The most prominent thing to remember is to be sure that you have complete, thorough and documented information to inform your decision making process. This includes information from the employee as well as knowledge about all the relevant legislation in your jurisdiction.

Keeping open lines of communication with the employee, as well as any appropriate third party members ( such as WSIB, WCB, Benefits Groups) will ensure that your decisions are based on current and accurate information.

Not all absences should be dealt with the same way. Extended leaves, short term leaves, adhoc sick days, shift no-shows and others, all require different information and different responses.

Priorities of being sure that employees understand expectations, meeting company requirements and complying with legislation often appear to be at odds with each other. Remember that working with an employee to meet company requirements is always the best approach and that there are often many avenues that management can take to fulfill company needs, legal requirements and the needs of staff all at the same time. Options from hiring temporary help to rearranging work schedules or simply clarifying expectations are all worthy of consideration.

Being sure that departmental managers are working cooperatively with staff, human resources and possibly even Senior Leadership is key to successfully managing absenteeism issues, whether they are culpable or non- culpable in nature.

If you require guidance, suggestions or clarification on handling a specific absenteeism issue in your facility, we can help! Contact us at for more information on this and other situational HR challenges that you may be facing in your dealership.

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