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Learning and Development Leaders are Essential in Today’s Market

As companies adopted digital technology to adapt to the new work behaviors since Covid-19, several aspects of work - from how we work, to learn, communicate and collaborate - have changed. Education and training have now become more essential than ever for both employees and employers.

In the midst of the changing work paradigms and the Great Resignation, it is vital to understand both what employees seek and the future learning and development (L&D) trends, etc., for L&D professionals to build employee development strategies for the future.

According to a recent PWC study, 79% of CEOs worldwide are concerned about a “lack of essential skills” in their teams. Workplace learning was hit hard by the pandemic. What’s more, the Great Resignation, brought on by the dramatic shift in work during the pandemic, has employees not only changing jobs, but also careers, leaving many employers scrambling to be desirable in what is a talent-driven, not employer-driven market.

Training is now more essential than ever. LinkedIn’s 2020 report shows that in the past year, the number of learning and development leaders, who agree they have a seat at the executive table, has tripled. And, the number who see requests for training programs that are focused on upskilling and reskilling is nearly 60%.

Do you experience challenges keeping your employees motivated and engaged in our current volatile market? As studies report, education and training have now become more essential than ever before for Leaders and their teams to stay motivated, skilled and engaged to attract and retain top talent.

DealerPILOT HR is excited to announce that we are launching to our partners across Canada a suite of actionable learning content that will dramatically enrich all aspects of your people strategy. If you would like to learn more about DealerPILOT’s Performance Academy, we would be happy to share additional information. Please email us at to learn how we can address your upskilling needs.

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