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Inter-provincial Updates

As we head into the 2nd quarter of the year, there are rapid changes occurring in multiple provinces, as well as some previously announced changes that warrant a reminder.

British Columbia- Ensure that you have a clear policy that includes the current sick leave entitlements. The sick leave entitlement year is a calendar year so be sure you are ready for the remainder of 2022. For more information on the changes please visit our previous blog post BC-Paid Sick Leave to Come into Effect .

Alberta- Employees who are scheduling booster shots remain eligible for the paid vaccination leave of 3 hours for each shot.

Saskatchewan- The public health emergency leave ended on February 28, 2022. For COVID related health issues, employees remain entitled to their regular 12 days (or unused portion) of unpaid sick leave. The 3 hours of vaccination leave remains in effect however it only applies to one dose.

Manitoba- With the launch of the 4th dose of the vaccine beginning to become available, dealerships should be reminded that there may be additional time off requests by staff that will be booking vaccination appointments. Additionally, the Public Health Emergency Leave is still in effect, although they have moved to the Green Response Level.

Ontario- The province has announced another minimum wage increase to come into effect on October 1, 2022. The new minimum wage will be $15.50 /hour. as of January 2022 the current minimum wage is $15/hour.

Ontario has also announced the availability of the 4th dose will begin for select residents on April 7, 2022. As the booster availability expands, dealerships can anticipate staff will be booking off time for scheduled vaccinations.

As part of the Working for Workers act, the grace period for the implementation of a Disconnect Policy will end June 2022. This policy is part of the regulation that came into force in January 2022. For more information on what this act means for your dealership, please visit our post on the Ontario Working for Workers Act.

Quebec- The expansion of the availability of the 4th dose now includes people 60 and older. Over the coming months we can anticipate that as eligibility expands, staff will be scheduling time off for vaccination appointments. As a reminder, masks are still required until at least April 30, 2022.

Newfoundland- The majority of business restrictions have already been lifted, masking and some other safety protocols are at the discretion of the business. Additionally, if you are a participant in the Atlantic Immigration Program, it is noteworthy that there are some additional employer obligations for training, the ability to register as a designated employer and other features that are now in effect.

The studded tire season as also extended and it is worth noting to ensure that your shop is prepared for the new date of May 31, 2022 as appointment dates may change.

New Brunswick- The province has lifted the remaining mandatory restrictions and businesses can operate at full capacity and mask mandates are also over. Businesses may still choose to maintain their own polices on public health practices.

Nova Scotia- Phase 3 of the reopening plan is in effect, eliminating the mask mandate.

As a reminder, the minimum wage was increased on April 1, 2022 to $13.35/hour, with an additional increase scheduled for October 1, 2022 to $13.60.

Prince Edward Island- The island has moved to step 3 of the Moving ON plan and the state of public emergency has been lifted. As of April 5th, the mask mandate remained in effect until April 28th.

Yukon and The Territories- As of April 12, 2022 the booster shot is available to limited residence in Yukon. Dealerships can anticipate staff beginning to book time off for vaccination appointments.

The minimum wage in Yukon went up to $15.70 on April 1, 2022.

The Northwest Territories no longer has an Public Health Orders in place, however most safety and hygiene protocols are still recommended. As of April 1, 2022 the Public Health Emergency has been lifted.

Do you need assistance with implementing any of these changes, including ensuring your staff are ready for a healthy and productive return to regular operations? We can help! Contact us at to learn more about the services we provide to our subscribers.

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