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Incorporating Wellness Initiatives into your DealerPILOT Platform

Workplace wellness initiatives have numerous benefits. Some of the most common workplace concerns that dealerships face, including employee retention, engagement, and absenteeism, can be improved by integrating wellness practices. It is an important part of employee health and safety, and the key to a healthy and happy workforce.

Eight ways to incorporate and encourage wellness at your dealership:

1. Conduct a survey – Create and assign surveys on the DealerPILOT platform to get feedback from your employees. See what wellness initiatives they are currently taking part in, what they may be interested in and take note of other ways you may be able to provide support.

2. Provide training – Assign training to managers within our system to increase confidence in managing employees. Give your workforce the tools that they need to deal with stress, conflict, and working as a team.

3. Create a wellness policy – Create a wellness policy outlining your organization’s commitment to wellbeing. Ensure you are raising awareness of mental health and encouraging a healthy work-life balance. Ensure all employees have access and acknowledge the policy on the DealerPILOT platform.

4. Provide access to an Employee Assistance Plan (EAP) – Many group benefits providers provide access to an EAP, for minimal cost. Employees will have access to speak to nutritionists, obtain legal advice, address financial wellness resources, and even find support for smoking cessation. Employee assistance plans are a fantastic resource for managers during difficult conversations, and when employees are having difficulties in their personal lives it can provide added benefit.

5. Create a formal wellness program – Form a committee where the team is dedicated to planning and implementing wellness initiatives. Promote physical activity by offering gym memberships, encouraging walking breaks, conducting cooking classes, and promoting mindfulness. Use your DealerPILOT platform to post information for all employees and encourage involvement.

6. Conduct safety talks – Within the health and safety module on the DealerPILOT platform, administrators can gather information and post about all types of topics. A safety talk is one way to remind employees of the importance of wellness and reinforce the organization’s commitment to initiatives.

7. Conduct regular 1:1s – One-on-one meetings are for employees to have dedicated time with their managers. The meetings aren’t intended to review jobs tasks, rather they are to offer support. Encourage managers to bring up wellness and self-care and ask employees what they are doing to care for themselves out of work hours. Our advisory services can provide you with guidance and assistance around effective communication with your employees.

Remember that wellness initiatives should be inclusive, adaptable, and responsive to the needs of your employees. Tailoring programs and offering resources that are valuable and unique to your organization’s culture is the key to success.

If you would like to know more about how we can assist our subscribers in addressing workplace wellness in small steps, or as a full initiative, then #letstalk. Please email us at to explore this opportunity for your dealership.

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