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HR Automation - Helping do more with less

In recent months there have been a number of reports released putting hard data to the existing belief that automation aids in efficiency.

Now, more than ever we can begin to understand how this directly relates to the Human Resource function.

As the role of Human Resources in small to medium sized dealerships is often fulfilled by an employee who also performs other administrative responsibilities it is interesting to note that the report from the Hackett Group indicates that by integrating automation into HR, an organization can operate with 26% fewer staff hours.

This can provide a key source of administrative time to complete both strategic processes and projects, as well as a greater amount of time dedicated to other administrative functions that directly contribute to operations and profitability.

On the topic of profitability, the same report also indicates that non-digitally forward organizations operate at a 20% greater cost than their counterparts.

The future of HR services and automation will rely on a shift in thinking related to tech, analytics and information management,service design and human capital and organizational governance. This shift will also require a great deal of preparation, nearly 80% of managers that were surveyed told Robert Half that they think it will be hard to find the talent necessary to manage HR as defined by AI.

The shift to AI will likely benefit both workers and employers alike, some reports have shown that there is an increase in both creativity and productivity in companies that have embraced AI in their regular business activities, Additionally, workers in this type of environment have also said that the technology simplifies their workflow and allows them to spend more time pursuing creative activities- including problem solving and client- facing responsibilities.

Do you want to increase productivity and have a better understanding of how automation and AI can help your dealership? Contact us at for more information or to find out how we can help.

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