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Hello Ontario! It's BLITZ time....

The province of Ontario has hired an additional 100 health and safety inspectors to support a coming blitz.

Workplace inspections continue to focus on educating small businesses across the province to help them reopen from lockdowns safely. Blitz initiatives will continue through the spring, with the new inspectors being fully engaged before July 1, 20201. This will bring the total of added investigators to more than 500.

Over the coming weeks, officers will return to businesses that have already been visited in Eastern Ontario, Durham Region and Wellington-Dufferin-Guelph, shifting toward enforcing COVID-19 safety requirements, and issuing orders and tickets, if necessary. Additional two-stage campaigns, focusing on small businesses, are scheduled to take place in York Region on March 5 and 6, Windsor Essex on March 6 and Waterloo Region from March 11 to 16.

Targeted blitzes will focus significantly on box stores BUT will also include aspects of the "Stay Safe" campaign, so breakrooms and similar shared spaces will also be a focus.

Are you ready for your inspection? If you require more information on how we can assist with ensuring compliance, please contact us at

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