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Harassment and Violence Regulations

Updated: Mar 28, 2019

For our colleagues in New Brunswick, this spring will bring some regulatory changes, along with the improved weather. Violence and Harassment will officially be a workplace safety hazard as of April 1, 2019. What does this mean for employers?

For those of you in other provinces, this is a great reminder to be sure that related legislation with changes in your own jurisdiction are being complied with. Over the last year multiple jurisdictions such as BC, Alberta, Manitoba, and Ontario have made updates to employment related legislation.

Under the new regulatory changes in New Brunswick, harassment and violence are defined as workplace hazards that affect health and safety. Sexual violence and harassment, domestic violence and intimate partner violence are also included. This means that the onus on employers to ensure the personal safety of their staff now includes helping keep them safe in a whole new context. The proactive stance on violence and harassment helps us build better workplaces, so here is what you need to do to ensure that your dealership is compliant:

· Develop and implement a detailed and documented code of practice to prevent harassment in the workplace.

· Perform a risk assessment to analyze the likelihood of violence in our facility.

· Complete the actions required to close the gaps where risk exists.

· Develop and implement a detailed and documented code of practice to manage violence in the workplace.

· Ensure that your Violence and Harassment protocols include processes and documents for reporting and investigating incidents as well as how to deal with a potentially violent person.

· Ensure that all dealership staff are aware of, and adequately trained on, the new information.

For dealerships, this can be a very large task, but one that is mandatory. As the exclusive national provider to the Canadian Automobile Dealers Association, DealerPILOT HR can provide the means to simplify the initial program launch as well as providing the resources to help ensure that dealerships are compliant with record keeping and confidentiality. In addition to our automated solutions, DealerPILOT HR can provide e-training and advisory services to our clients so that the implementation of new requirements is streamlined and meets legislative standards. Are you ready?

If you would like more information on how we can help, contact us at or call 1-866-806-7315

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