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Dial 9-8-8 launches Nov 2023

Updated: Oct 27, 2023

As employers, many of us have seen a shift towards the need for greater mental health resources. This is particularly true in rural and remote areas where there are very limited programs or facilities in the immediate geographic area.

The Federal Government has announced a new resource that will be available to Canadians, regardless of location. According to the CRTC, starting at the end of November 2023, calls and texts to 988 will be directed to a mental health crisis or suicide prevention service, free of charge, once the number is implemented by telephone and wireless service providers.

This is an opportunity for employers to ensure that staff are informed of community resources that are available in addition to any EAP programs that the dealership may offer.

As dealerships begin to discover an increasing amount of performance and attendance issues are connected to mental health, this is a resource that can assist with fast intervention where those in crisis or without other resources can begin the path to wellness.

When employees reveal that they (or a member of their family) are suffering, informing them of this new program (once available) will also remind staff that they are truly supported so that they can move ahead with their best foot forward. To follow the launch of the 988 resources, please follow the CRTC on your favorite social media platform.

If your dealership is helping staff manage mental health, and you would like to know more about managing mental health in the workplace then #letstalk.

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