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Credentials Count-going beyond the Technician

We all know the importance of ensuring that technicians are certified/red seal service providers, but what about the rest of the team?

Due diligence in affirming the status of technicians is engrained in us. We also spend time and energy in assuring the next generation of technicians are properly trained and work to make the apprenticeship experience one that will help apprentices want to make a career in automotive a longstanding one.

We also work to verify that our Sales people are certified with the province (OMVIC, AMVIC, etc.) and we provide them with the required ongoing training.

But what about those that serve our dealerships inhouse, that ay not hold a client facing role?

There are many positions within a dealership that require the benefits of people who choose a profession that is not front and center in the customer service space.

Your Controller, Payroll Administrator, Office Manager and HR practitioner are just some examples.

Each of these positions has a certifying body that assists in helping its members navigate changes, current best practices, a minimum standard of practice and ongoing education. Are you giving your people the equal opportunity to participate and grow in their profession?

Certified/credentialed resources are critical in the current climate to navigate ongoing changes to legislation, best practice, standard/accepted practice and protocol and to out the best light on your operations. Although these team remembers may not be directly involved in your revenue generation, they are integral to the success of your dealership. How are you ensuring their standard of excellence, qualifications and knowledge base?

Supporting Professional Development and the maintaining of a certified credential is good business. IT goes a long way to employee loyalty, engagement and contribution. IT also gives the dealership added peace of mind, and who doesn't need a little more of that right now?

If you wouldn't trust a vehicle repair to an uncertified technician, why would you trust the "books" to someone who isn't either?

This is not to say that there are not great practitioners out there who lack a credential, but if they are part of your operations, have you ever asked them if it is of interest?

There are many employees who are passionate about what they do, but do not have the personal resources to stop working and go back to get certified. In this day and age of retention challenges, best practice focus and team building, is it time to consider assisting in this pursuit? This is a great element to add to the Performance Management process if you have people who are sincere in building their professional capacity- and a huge opportunity for you to ensure they do it with you!

How about those experts on your team who are already working with a credential? Are you providing them with the necessary resources (time is valuable!) to complete their requirements for ongoing education, professional development and industry participation? Do they receive any contribution towards the cost of keeping that credential? Remember that the expertise they bring to the dealership comes with a cost, and if you have not been assisting them in maintaining that expertise, they are literally paying to provide you with that service.

Do none of these scenarios apply to your facility? Think about where you are getting your inhouse expertise from. There are additional avenues to ensure that your dealership benefits from the advise, guidance and operational capacity of credentialed contributors. Can you access a CPA to do an independent review of your financial processes? Do you have access to a payroll provider with a CPM or PCP available to you? Can you call an certified (CPHR, CHRP) Human Resources advisor to assist you in avoiding compliance challenges or best practice violations?

If utilizing credentialed expertise sounds like a solid investment for your dealership , but you do not know what those next steps may look like, we can help! From training and development to compliance we can guide you through growing your back office credentials. In fact- our Advisors are all certified too!

For more information on the credentials that can benefit your dealership, and the value they add, including setting development goals for your current success team, feel free to reach out to us at

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