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COVID levels and stages by province

As we advanced through the COVID process, each province developed a system to track progress in phases. These systems were indicators regarding economic recovery and/or restrictions and measures. Some provinces have taken steps back, and some have changed the format of information sharing. Here is a brief update by province.

Yukon- The Forging Ahead plan remains in effect and the territory also remains under a declaration of emergency with multiple measures in effect. New measures were effective on January 8th, 2022.

BC- The province remains at the same level, however added measures for the Northern Health region include additional restrictions. Details can be found on the Northern Health Region website.

Alberta- The province is currently at the Stage 3 level, with some added restrictions. Restriction updates occurred on December 24th.

Saskatchewan- The province has altered their zone tracking to now include 32 zones. The updated zone information can be found here. A mask mandate has also been re-instated in the province.

Manitoba- The province remains at the Orange ( Restricted) level with additional measures in place in the Southern Health Region.

Ontario-The province has moved back to step 2 of their program. This includes reduced capacity and the reinstatement of some measures.

Quebec- The color tracking system is no longer being updated, however their are added measures and restrictions in place province-wide including tele-work and reduced capacity/hours of operation.

NFLD- Including Labrador, the province is at Level 4 in the 5 level alert system.

Nova Scotia- Protect Yourself and Others remains in effect, with the entire province at they yellow level.

New Brunswick- The COVID 19 Alert system is currently at Level 2.

P.E.I. - Islanders are at Step 5 with additional measures in place.

For more information on your province's recovery plan, please visit your provincial COVID website.

If you would like additional information on how we assist dealerships in adjusting between stages please reach out to our team at .

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