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COVID 19 Update

As many of you are aware, there were multiple updates from the provinces over the weekend, as well as a recent update provided through a press release from the Prime Minister and Ministers.

There will now be a regular update provided from the Ministers through regular media outlets.

The most recent announcements focused on travelers. Those travelers that are returning from international destinations will now be medically assessed before boarding a plane. Furthermore, those travelers that are symptomatic will not be permitted to board. All Canadians have been advised to return home and are required to acknowledge that they have been advised to self- isolate fro a minimum of 14 days.

What does this mean for dealerships?

You may expect that employees who are away on an international vacation will not be available to return to work as scheduled.

Additionally, self-isolation is a federal recommendation for all returning international travelers regardless of location.

Flexibility on allowing unplanned vacation time, sick time without supporting documentation or use of banked time are recommended as examples of ways we can assist our employees in meeting these directives.

A reminder that Canadians are to work from home where possible and to practice social distancing regardless of symptoms or travel background. This includes school closures, day care closures and closures or restrictions on public venues such as bars, gyms, and recreation facilities in most jurisdictions. For details on these announcements please visit or your provincial government website.

Fiscal Stimulus announcements are expected later this week.

If you would like more information on how DealerPILOT can assist your dealership during these challenges, please contact us at

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