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Coast to Coast COVID changes

From the territories to the east coast, most jurisdictions have lifted the requirement for masks in the workplace and in stores. These jurisdictions, including Nunavut, New Brunswick, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, PEI, Yukon, Northwest Territories, all still recommend mask use.

Ontario, Quebec, NFLD and Nova Scotia still have mandatory mask policies in place.

In all jurisdictions across the country, a reminder to remain diligent and cautious prevails. The need to still respect social distancing measures, stay home when ill and ensure strong hand hygiene are important reminders.

For businesses, all jurisdictions have also stated that should a business decide that masks are required in their facilities, the practice is perfectly acceptable and patrons are being encouraged to abide by the policy or use another provider.

For a quick reference on what stage of re-opening your province is at, here is a list:

Yukon- Step one of the two step Path Forward phases

BC- Step 3 of a 4 step plan

Alberta- Stage 3 of a 3 part plan

Saskatchewan- Step 3 of a 5 step plan

Manitoba- Completed 2 of the 3 required milestones

Ontario- Step 3 of a 3 part plan

Quebec- The province has moved to Green Zone status

Nunavut- The path to living with COVID 19 has established a loosening of restrictions by sector

North West Territories- Step 3 of the moving forward phase of Emerging Wisely

Newfoundland- Step 2 of a 3 step plan

Nova Scotia- Phase 4 of a 5 phase plan

New Brunswick- The province has moved to the Green Phase

PEI- Step 4 of a 5 step plan

If you need more information on how we assist dealerships in managing the reduction of restrictions in your area, please contact us at

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