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British Columbia Pay Transparency Legislation Proposed

British Columbia has proposed new pay transparency legislation. Although Bill 13-2023 is still in the early stages of the process to reach assent, there are some things to be aware of that may impact dealerships. The key proposals are:

1) New duty to publish salary or wage information on publicly listed job postings

2) A potential prohibition on asking applicants about pay history

3) A prohibition regarding retaliation to employees who enquire about pay, or disclose their pay to others

4) Reporting requirements regarding pay, that is proposed to roll out incrementally. Those employers with 1000+ employees will be required to report in 2024, 300+ employees for 2025 and 50 + for 2026.

This means that employers should start to prepare now.

A few key pieces to review for dealerships include:

  • Have a clear pay range for future vacancies,

  • Review existing policies and practices around sharing of pay information.

  • Be prepared to address potential conversations that may stem from sharing of pay information.

  • Review and adjust interview and screening questions that may ask about pay history.

  • Reviewing and gathering pay information to prepare for reporting requirements.

If you would like to know more about how we can assist our subscribers with managing recruitment, policy or performance management changes please email us at Also, did you know that we provide metrics and insights to our system users that can simplify the gathering of reporting data?

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