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British Columbia Bill 8- Royal Assent

The British Columbia Employment Standards Act will have significant changes. Bill 8 received Royal Assent on May 30th, here is an overview of what employers need to know to remain compliant with the new legislation.

1) If you are a unionized workplace, there are many provisions within the ESA that will now apply to your workplace, all future CBA's will be required to be, at minimum, compliant with the provisions of the ESA.

2) There are increased restrictions on Employers deducting any debt that is owed to the Employer from an Employee's wages. As well, Employers are prohibited from holding back any gratuities earned, except for the purpose of redistribution.

3) Youth hiring practices have greater restrictions and limitations.

4) The retention period for most records has been increased to four years.

5) There is a new requirement to pay severance/pay in lieu of notice in certain situations, notably, when an employee is discharged without cause after giving notice.

6) The new legislation offers definitions of what an officer, director and corporation are in the context of liability for unpaid wages.

7) MOST NOTABLE is the introduction of new statutory leaves. The addition of Critical Illness or Injury Leave provides employees with the opportunity to take up to 36 weeks' leave to care for a child or up to 16 weeks' leave to care for an adult who is requiring care and support due to a critical illness or injury.

As well, the new Leave Respecting Domestic or Sexual Violence will provide an unpaid leave of up to 17 weeks to those employees who are dealing with the ramifications of a reacted violent act.

If you require further information or would like to know how DealerPilot HR can assist in ensuring your Dealership is compliant with these and other legislative changes, contact us at

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