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Are there benefits to a J.E.D.I mindset?

Let's start at the beginning. What does JEDI mean? JEDI stands for Justice, Equality, Diversity and Inclusion. For some workplace cultures, this can truly be the "force" that drives their on-going success. For others, it may be so engrained that they may not even realize they have it, for others there is still considerable growth that may warrant investing in.

A JEDI mindset can empower dealerships and their leaders to create more space for under-represented communities to thrive in the industry.

Here are some initial elements to consider:

JUSTICE- This is not the same type of justice as it relates to the legal system. Justice in this context refers to participating in the improved access to resources and opportunities to live a full and dignified life. This includes increased awareness of career paths and potential for employment and access to resources.

EQUITY- Allocating resources to ensure access to opportunities are available to everyone and that both advantages and barriers exist.

DIVERSITY- The acknowledgement of differences between us. This includes our experiences, values, beliefs and culture. Diversity is not just about racial differences or protected grounds.

INCLUSION- Ultimately ensuring that employees have a sense of belonging that is created from a sense of being heard, having their experience valued and knowing their identity, perspective and style is recognized.

Creating a JEDI mindset is a journey and is also a "living" process. Start with an action plan. This begins with evaluating your current state, increasing your knowledge base and then communicating intent and expectations. This can improve your attraction, retention and commitment of the people who contribute to dealership success. This is also a great space to reflect on your community involvement, public perception and corporate social responsibility.

Are you interested in more information on how to improve the JEDU mindset of your dealership? Contact us at

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