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April Awareness

As we round the corner into April, we need to be reminded of the impact that spring can have on our operations and our people.

Regardless of your location, spring weather can wreak havoc on the day to day activities of your dealership.

Spring Weather Challenges

Colorado lows, high-pressure systems, Chinooks and coastal winds can all cause issues that remind us to focus and be prepared for an uptick in safety-related concerns.

Though we’re excited to do so, it's not time to put away the winter gear yet. Be sure that your staff (especially those that perform outdoor duties) still have access to warm clothing, shovels, and other necessitates. This is a great time to remind staff of slip and trip hazards and to ensure that they are prepared for rapid weather fluctuations. It may also be a good time to add some ice melt to the entryway!

Also remind staff (and even re-train them) that slips and falls are a significant hazard at this time of year due to melting and refreezing, frozen rain or just a lack of focus.

Behavioral Challenges

We also need to be aware of the changes in personal behavior. We all get a small bit of "Spring Fever" at this time, but it may be more significant for many this year as COVID restrictions are lifted and the ability to enjoy the coming months looks more optimistic.

Staff behaviour is also often impacted by April 1st- Although April Fool's Day can be fun, it can also pose a Health and Safety risk, so be sure your people are aware that horseplay, harassment, and other H&S related pranks and jokes will not be acceptable.

As the sun starts to shine and the outdoors appear more inviting, the combination of "daydreaming" and the illusion that winter has passed can be a bad mix when it comes to staying safe.

Those that have been suffering from some "Cabin Fever" may also be looking for a getaway at this time, so we also need to ensure we are closely watching our staffing levels, time off approvals, and effectiveness of employees.

Make The Most of Spring

Spring is a time of rejuvenation and joy but it’s also when accidents happen, mistakes are made, and risks are higher. Take this season as an opportunity to revisit your workplace inspections, re-engage your people and re-ignite your safety training.

If your dealership has a gap in any of these areas, we can help! Please contact us at to find out how we ensure our subscribers have the resources they need to manage issues that may arise this April.

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