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Alberta Adjustments

As mentioned in our previous blog post, Alberta had been weighing increased restrictions. As of November 24th, here are the up to date restrictions that may relate to your business and staff:

- No indoor social gatherings in any setting

-Outdoor gatherings of no more than 10 people

-No festivals or events

-Working from home should be considered, where possible

-Restricted access to some businesses starting Nov 27th (Calgary/Edmonton and Purple zone). For you dealership, this means that in the purple zone, you now have the added restriction that you can only remain open at 25% of your fire code capacity.

-Mandatory masks for indoor spaces ( Calgary/Edmonton)

As the province continues to monitor the spread of the virus, there will likely be further changes to zone classifications, restrictions and recommendations. If you are unsure of the current status of your zone, please click here for the status map and a complete list of restrictions.

If you require assistance with transitioning to work from home arrangements, complying with advanced measures or have general questions on what this means for your dealership- especially heading into the season's celebrations, please reach out to us at


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