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A focus on the softer side

In 2019 a greater focus on soft skills and employee desire for more transparency and flexibility were key in defining the workplace

We have always known that soft skills are a crucial asset to have when building a career in automotive. Customer focused, people oriented, approachable- these are all characteristics we have wanted to see in our teams. Now, more than ever these skills are critical to the workplace. With the increase in automation, technology and AI tools, some traditional hard skills are becoming less imperative to operations, while the need for soft skills are starting to play a larger role.

A recent LinkedIn survey found that 92% of employers agree that soft skills are just as important as hard skills when hiring. Furthermore, the soft skills most in demand are also those that are in short supply. Skills such as creativity, persuasion, collaboration, adaptability and strong time management are becoming critical areas of focus.

It isn't just employers that are looking for something more either, employees are also starting to expect more, including a flexible workplace and greater transparency. These new trends are contributing to the idea of a balanced power dynamic at work.

So what does this mean for your dealership? First and foremost is the ability to assess these skills when interacting with candidates. 57% of employers have said that they struggle to assess soft skills accurately. In Canada 94% of talent professionals agree about the value of soft skills. This indicates that the future of recruiting top talent may mean looking at new ways to assess what you need, re-evaluate what you are seeking and to expect that candidates are also evaluating the organizations ability to provide the flexible and transparent culture that they are generally seeking.

There are a variety of ways to assess soft skills, from the traditional behavioral based questions to tech-based assessments. Regardless of if you are part of the 58% who use situational questions are the 17% that use some form of technology, the need to realize the value of soft skills, and what soft skills you value will drive your dealership into the next decade.

If you would like more information on assessing soft skills, recruitment trends, how to shift your culture to meet new employee expectations or just to find out how we can help, please contact us at

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