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Solutions for every phase of the employee life cycle.

From the moment an employee applies to a position to the day they leave, you are responsible for managing every stage of their life cycle at the dealership. DealerPILOT has the solution!

Manage applicants

Posted jobs can be linked into DealerPILOT. As the system receives applications, you can easily manage the interview process, and start your new hire on their journey.

Track onboarding tasks

Efficiently manage the new hire onboarding process. Keep track of all tasks, automatically notify assignees, and complete in an orderly fashion. 

Build HR profile

Build a robust electronic employee profile with relevant details, customized documents, and begin to track important HR functions.

Build schedule

Put your new employee to work! Build their schedule with an easy-to-use shift rotation system and allow your employees to see changes to their schedule in real time. 

Online training

Provide online delivery of all legislative compliance awareness training courses. Many DealerPILOT courses are industry specific, so you know your employees are receiving just the relevant training. 

Policy acknowledgement

Ensure your new employee reads and formally acknowledges their understanding of all employee handbooks, HR, and health & safety policies.  Keep track of progress and manage by exception.

Approve time off

Provide the employee with the ability to request time off against vacation or any other time bank. Approve or decline any request with automatic notifications sent directly to their email.

Manage timesheet

Eliminate buddy punching with biometric clocks and rely on the system's rules to automatically calculate regular and overtime hours. You simply manage the hours by exception.

Track attendance

Is your new employee sick, out of the dealership on training, or just late by a few minutes?  Allow the attendance tracking system to effectively record these events and allow for easy reporting. 

Keep them engaged!

Increase transparency of all workplace related data and keep your employees engaged using DealerPILOT HR!

Evaluate performance

Retrieve valuable metrics of your employee's performance and time & attendance habits.  Manage their performance evaluation and provide career goals directly in their HR profile. 

Export to payroll

Finalize timesheets and get ready to export hours and attendance data for payroll.  Choose from our easy to manage layout or integrate directly with your payroll system. 

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